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The main goal of the Northport Project is to create a program to provide the community of Northport, Washington with accurate health information, educational workshops, FREE annual health screenings, and the opportunities to participate in the ongoing EPA study of the environment and human health issues linked to the heavy metal toxins Teck, a Canadian smelter, recklessly released into our environment for over a Century.


Small communities are finally getting the chance to have a voice. The Northport Project will aim to provide residents with informative, educational programs to help them better understand what toxins they have been, and currently are being, exposed to while providing ways to aid them in protecting their health. Most importantly, we hope to offer free annual health screenings and hair element and blood testing. Due to the many health issues linked to chronic exposure to the toxins found above safety levels in Northport’s air, water and soil, the free annual health screenings and testing would monitor resident’s accumulation of heavy metal toxins.  There is little known on the specific health issues linked to chronic exposure to multiple heavy metal toxins, through multiple routes of exposure.  By monitoring the resident’s health annually hopefully the health issues can be diagnosed at an early (and treatable) stage.

Although many diseases, cancers and illnesses have already been diagnosed in residents, past and present, early detection will save lives.


The data collected from each health screening would remain confidential, but could be used in a long-term epidemiological study that would provide accurate safety standards for chronic exposure to specific heavy metal toxins.   The current safety standards used in EPA’s industry emission standards, as well as in their Human Health Assessments,   Each resident’s confidential health history could save millions of lives – not only now, but for future generations ahead.

It is undeniable that the health issues, diseases, and cancers found in the Northport area are extremely high; some of the illnesses exceed the CDC/DOH/ATSDR standards used to classify health clusters. A non- infectious health cluster is the occurrence of a greater-than-expected number of (non-infectious) health issues found in a populated area. These clusters are what scientist use to try to find possible environmental links that cause or trigger these illnesses (also known as an epidemiological study).

Currently physicians with the Crohn’s and Colitis Center at Massachusetts General Hospital are conducting an epidemiological study on the cluster of diagnosed cases of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease in past and present Northport Residents.

In 2009 the community conducted their own health survey.  Of the over 500 survey’s returned  from past and present residents several health clusters were obvious.  These illnesses included; multiple scoliosis, Parkinson’s, leukemia (chronic), brain tumors/aneurism, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, bladder, cancer, breast cancer, thyroid diseases, arthritis, and several other auto immune diseases. All of these have been linked to chronic exposure to the multiple toxins, (specifically arsenic and cadmium), which the Northport community has been chronically exposed to for decades.


The blood, urine and hair testing that would be done as part of the free annual health screenings would provide researchers accurate toxin levels, over many years, in each resident.  This information is critical in finding the correlation between the accumulation of specific toxins in the body and the resulting health issues.  The annual blood work would also identify specific mineral and vitamin deficiencies caused by heavy metal toxicity. It could be possible that simple vitamin and mineral supplements could cure, or at least ease the symptoms of, some chronic illnesses.


Not only would free annual health screenings help protect the lives of Northport residents, the data collected would advance the much-needed research lacking in this area. Current toxin safety standards could be evaluated, and specific health issues triggered by chronic exposure to the toxins of concern could be identified. Simply linking the response the toxin accumulation has on vitamin and mineral depletion may possibly be a way to cure some of the illnesses, or at the very least alleviate the symptoms they cause. Most importantly, the health screenings would keep the Northport residents healthy and safe, while giving them a chance to help save the lives of so many people by allowing their health issues to be used in such a noble research effort.

The Northport Project could turn the negative impact of Teck’s careless decades of pollution, believed to be the cause of the resident’s many health issues, into a positive impact by allowing their annual screening results to be confidentially used in one of the largest research studies of its kind.


Northport is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. Our family never plans to sell the family farm or leave the area. We also want to see Northport grow through tourism and local businesses.

The Northport Project does not want to scare people away from visiting, moving, or living in the Northport area. We want to make it clear that visitors are in no danger of enjoying the many recreational activities our area has to offer; several studies have proven that annual recreational exposure to the area does not pose any health risks at all.

However, The Northport Project also wants to make sure the future and current residents, who are exposed to the toxins 365 days of the year, are protected so they can continue living in the town they love so much.


The Northport Project aims to provide opportunities to empower and protect current and future Northport residents.

We plan to do this by helping to coordinate studies through highly accredited research institutions, and by applying for grants and donations to fund the program’s mentioned above.


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  1. Posted by Joshua Lord on January 20, 2013 at 6:42 pm

    The site is fantastic, and the work you are doing is wonderful. That said, I subscribed, and got a box in the corner that confirmed and allows me to follow on twitter that I can’t get to go away, not wishing to subscribe via twitter. Just so you know about the little snafu!
    Thanks for your dedication!


  2. You may be interested in the June 16 issue of Nature: Intestinal networks in health and disease.


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