Vote for The Northport Project as Visionary Ideas for Health & Environmental Research

Please go to and vote for The Northport Project as the top visionary idea for researching health issues linked to environmental toxins.  The Projects suggests free annual screenings for Northport residents – these screenings would assist in early detection of the cancers and diseases that are being found, most of which have no symptoms.  Early detection is the most effective tool to beating any disease.  The data collected from the free annual health screenings and the hair element tests can also be used in a long term study of other health impacts from on going exposure to toxins that  now all meet the safety levels set by our protection agencies. 

The data from the on going study will ensure safety levels for chronic exposure to multiple toxins are not too high.  The  current safety levels are still considered to be set way too high for chronic exposure.  The levels that have been researched at length are the recreational exposure levels (35 days a year).  This may protect visitors, but the residents continue to watch as their health and safety is simply ignored, as if no one is in their town more than 35 days out of the year.  The lack of data available sends the message – if you are in the area more than 35 days, you might want to rethink where to spend the other 330 days left in you year, perhaps the summer home on the east coast?  Northport residents live in Northport, year round, because they love their town and their home.  They will not be ignored, or scared to stay put.  They will however demand that their health and safety is being monitored and they can feel safe to go on living in the town they love, all year, every year, for as many years as they want.  Not to mention the data the study will gather will help set levels to protect future generations of Northport residents and all the other small communities across the Country just like them. 

Please vote – multiple times – pass it along!!!!

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  1. We are currently at #1 – thank you everyone…..please spread the word – if you have yet to vote it is simple – just go to hit the I agree button to give us your vote. You will be asked for your e-mail address to register – but the site is secure and your e-mail is not given out. Please take just a couple of minutes to vote for something that could save so many lives!!


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