Urgent Request Re: Northport, WA Colitis & Crohn’s Study

For those of you who don’t know, currently two physicians from the Crohn’s and Colitis Center at Massachusetts General Hospital are conducting a study on the cluster of diagnosed cases of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s in past and present Northport residents (spanning three generations).

They began their study in February and are preparing an abstract on their findings, which confirms there is a health cluster of both Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s in present residents, as well as past residents.

The EPA and DOH also confirmed this in their 1992 Health study of the area. However they never took it any further.

Luckily the physicians at MGH are willing to take their findings to the next level, eventually completing a full-scale epidemiological study of the cluster. The information gained from such a study has the possibility of providing answers to causes and/or triggers to these diseases, which can lead to prevention, better treatments or possibly a cure.

If you or a friend or family member have either Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis and are a current or past resident of Northport, Washington and have not completed a survey for the MGH Northport IBD Study I urge you to please e-mail either myself, or Dr. Sharyle Fowler for either a link to a confidential survey or to request a mailed copy.

The more people who are confirmed makes the process of this study that much faster, and the results more accurate.

Please tell everyone and anyone you know, who might be interested in participating, about this. It takes 10 minutes to complete this survey, but the 10 minutes of time you are willing to give up, along with your confidential health history, will change the lives of countless people.

Don’t wait until yet another child has been diagnosed with one of these diseases in Northport… which happens, and has been happening, consistently for 38 years.

E-mail Addresses to Contact:

northportproject@hotmail.com – Jamie Paparich

northportibd@gmail.com Dr. Sharyle Fowler

For more information on this study and other health clusters found in Northport please visit our blog at www.northportproject.com

Thank you!!

Jamie Paparich

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