2017 BWH/ Harvard Crohn’s & Colitis Study – Participants still needed

Recruitment for the BWH/Harvard Crohn’s and Colitis 2017 Study is going very well. Thank you to the many “controlled” (non impacted) residents who have participated. However, they are still in need of more impacted participants (current Northport residents who have been diagnosed with either Crohn’s or Colitis.). 

To ensure the study is accurate and successful they need as many impacted residents to participate as possible. If you, or someone you know, has been diagnosed with either of these IBD’s please reach out to Ami Merker at: AMERKER@PARTNERS.ORG.

If you know of someone who suffers from either Crohn’s or Colitis please reach out to them to encourage them to participate, or e-mail Amy with their name and a phone number or email address. Participation is confidential and the study is non invasive. A kit is sent to participants to supply them with instructions and tools to simply mail back nail and hair clippings and a urine sample.  

The study has the potential of discovering groundbreaking information that could help detect triggers or possibly even the cause of these diseases. Information that has thus far eluded the science and medical community. The data gained from this study could help discover preventative measures to avoid getting these destructive and life altering diseases and possibly lead to the discovery of a cure for them and other auto immune related diseases.  

Please feel free to also email me with any questions at: paparichj@live.com

– Jamie Paparich 

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