TECK SPILL ALERT: Toxins from Teck’s Landfill/Arsenic Storage Area spilled into Columbia River ~ April, 2016 ~

  April 13, 2016   SPILL ALERT:  Teck Smelter, Trail B.C. Due to a failure of a sump pump at Teck Smelter in B.C.,  leachate from an old landfill and arsenic storage area has been released into Stony Creek, which discharges into the Columbia River. The specific toxins and the amounts released is not yet known at... Continue Reading →

WA Judges Skeptical that Superfund Includes Teck Smelter’s Airborne Waste- SERIOUSLY

From Toxics Law Reporter By Steven M. Sellers April 6 — A Ninth Circuit panel appeared disinclined to find that the Superfund law includes contaminants that traveled by air from a Canadian smelter onto a contaminated U.S. site. The seemingly skeptical three-judge panel considered sharply contrasting oral arguments on how far the U.S. hazardous waste... Continue Reading →


Summary of Ecology's Northport Air Quality Studies, Phases I - IV, (1992-1998)    ECOLOGY/EPA  ACRONYMS Screening Acronyms used by Ecology and EPA in testing certain heavy metal toxins: Acceptable Source Impact Level (ASIL): Toxins must be found at or below the ASIL set by the EPA based on Standard ambient air background levels throughout the State.... Continue Reading →

EPA ANSWERS NORTHPORT QUESTIONS: Property Values, Livestock, Air & Water Quality

Recently I received questions from a concerned Northport resident regarding land value, livestock permits, economic value, and air and water quality;  in reference to the EPA/Teck Upper Columbia Studies and Clean-up. I forwarded those questions along to our EPA Project Manager, Laura Buelow. Laura, Kay Morrison, (Community Involvement Coordinator), and Marc Stifelman, (EPA Toxicologist), responded... Continue Reading →


New BWH/Harvard Crohn's & Ulcerative Colitis study on Northport residents underway;    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!    In 2011 the results of a community lead health survey conducted in Northport, WA caught the attention of Dr. Josh Korzenik, the Director of the Crohn’s and Colitis Center at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  Through BWH, one of Harvard... Continue Reading →


Teck, a Canadian smelter, tries to rewrite U.S. Superfund laws to avoid liability   by:  Jamie Paparich,  Feb. 24, 2016 Teck smelter, one of the world’s largest lead and zinc smelting plants, is located in Trail, B.C. Canada.   Since 1906 the Canadian smelter’s processing of ore creates discharge, or waste, that contain dangerous heavy metal... Continue Reading →

REMINDER – Northport EPA Open House Tomorrow!!

EPA/Teck Open House on 2016 Free Northport Residential Soil Sampling   TOMORROW: Wed., Feb. 24th  -  At:  6:30p.m.  -  Northport School Cafeteria   Northport property owners:  If your property was not tested in the 2015 residential soil study/clean-up, and you want to learn about your eligibility and the free opportunity to have your property sampled in... Continue Reading →

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