Teck spill adds to long history of polluting upper Columbia

Tribal Tribune   April 21, 2016 Press Release | Updated Yesterday NESPELEM—This week Teck Cominco’s failure to manage its operations has once again sent toxic pollution into the Columbia River. It is another tragic assault by Teck on the region’s natural resources. Teck’s disregard for the land, air and water it impacts must be stopped.... Continue Reading →

TECK SPILL ALERT: Toxins from Teck’s Landfill/Arsenic Storage Area spilled into Columbia River ~ April, 2016 ~

  April 13, 2016   SPILL ALERT:  Teck Smelter, Trail B.C. Due to a failure of a sump pump at Teck Smelter in B.C.,  leachate from an old landfill and arsenic storage area has been released into Stony Creek, which discharges into the Columbia River. The specific toxins and the amounts released is not yet known at... Continue Reading →

EPA ANSWERS NORTHPORT QUESTIONS: Property Values, Livestock, Air & Water Quality

Recently I received questions from a concerned Northport resident regarding land value, livestock permits, economic value, and air and water quality;  in reference to the EPA/Teck Upper Columbia Studies and Clean-up. I forwarded those questions along to our EPA Project Manager, Laura Buelow. Laura, Kay Morrison, (Community Involvement Coordinator), and Marc Stifelman, (EPA Toxicologist), responded... Continue Reading →

Decision in Teck pollution case will be later this year

Judge to weigh Teck pollution case Decision on Colvilles’ suit will be later this year Nicholas K. Geranios Associated Press October 11, 2012 A federal judge in Yakima will decide whether a Canadian mining company must pay to clean up pollution that for decades crossed the border into Lake Roosevelt in Washington. U.S. District Court Judge Lonny Suko heard... Continue Reading →

Wall Street Journal article on Northport!

New Twist in Pollution Case Canadian Smelter's Legal Maneuver Frustrates Residents Along Northwest Border By Joel Millman Updated Sept. 11, 2012 9:42 pm ET   NORTHPORT, Wash.—Ranching families and American Indian tribes along the Columbia River here have long accused a refinery across the river in Canada of poisoning their land. In a surprise move,... Continue Reading →

Teck admits polluting, but still planning an escape route….

Teck admits polluting Columbia River in U.S.   But company doesn't concede dumped waste caused harm   By Gordon Hoekstra, Vancouver Sun; With files from Canadian PressSeptember 11, 2012     Teck Resources has admitted that mining waste and effluent from its Trail smelter polluted the Columbia River across the U.S.-Canada border in Washington State... Continue Reading →

Northport study shows elevated rate of disease

Study shows elevated rate of bowel disease in Washington town downstream of B.C.’s Trail smelter Wednesday, August 15, 2012 By Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun Teck Resources (smelter), Trail B.C. Photographed by: UDO WEITZ, Vancouver Sun Jamie Paparich’s father and aunt grew up on the family farm on Mitchell Road in Northport, Wash., just downstream of the... Continue Reading →

Trial over Columbia River pollution cleanup — Teck Smelter could pay up to $1 billion

Trial over Columbia River pollution cleanup -- possibly up to $1 billion -- set for September Published: Monday, April 09, 2012, 2:59 PM     Updated: Tuesday, April 10, 2012, 10:27 AM By The Associated Press The Associated Press YAKIMA -- A federal judge has rejected efforts by a Canadian smelter to drag other companies into... Continue Reading →

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