Northport Community Health Survey Results

1991 Community Health Survey

In 1991 concerned residents of Northport, Washington conducted a community-wide health survey. The survey results confirmed their suspicions that an alarming amount of residents suffered from similar health issues. The community believed these health clusters were caused by their chronic exposure to the heavy metal toxins released by Teck Cominco (now Teck Resources), a Canadian smelter located 3 miles upriver from Northport.

2011 Community Health Survey

Between 2009 – 2011, with the assistance of the Citizens for a Clean Columbia (CCC), the residents of Northport conducted another community health survey.  The Northport Project distributed health questionnaires to current and past residents of Northport, WA.  The results of the over 500 questionnaires returned confirmed what the 1991 survey results had shown, but this time with past residents included in the survey, the results showed the health clusters to be much more significant than originally thought.

View the survey results:

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