Wall Street Journal article on Northport!

New Twist in Pollution Case Canadian Smelter's Legal Maneuver Frustrates Residents Along Northwest Border By Joel Millman Updated Sept. 11, 2012 9:42 pm ET   NORTHPORT, Wash.—Ranching families and American Indian tribes along the Columbia River here have long accused a refinery across the river in Canada of poisoning their land. In a surprise move,... Continue Reading →

Excellent opinion article on Teck’s “artful stalling”

OPINION: Canadian smelter refines its legal case with admission [The Seattle Times] By Lance Dickie, The Seattle Times McClatchy-Tribune Information Services  Sept. 14--After years of legal quibbling, artful stalling, and averted eyes, Canadian smelter Teck Metals Ltd. acknowledged a century of using the Upper Columbia River and Lake Roosevelt as an industrial sewer. Teck Cominco, Teck Resources... Continue Reading →

Teck Resources Agreement in Upper Columbia Litigation

See below my response to Teck's Press Release sent to me by CBC Radio this morning.....   From: Jamie Paparich Sent: Monday, September 10, 2012 11:32 AM To: 'Chris Walker' Subject: RE: Teck press release...   Thanks for the article Chris.  Unfortunately it sounds like more smoke screens from Teck.  They state that “studies in the Upper Columbia... Continue Reading →

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