Northport Community & Protection Program

What is the Northport Community Protection & Awareness Program?

The main purpose of the program is to keep the residents of Northport, as well as the town itself, safe and healthy. The program was designed to do this by providing free services & programs to the community that will protect their health, and keep them informed and involved in the on going environmental and health studies.

Protecting the Community

    • Provide FREE annual health screenings, physicals and heavy metal testing to all Northport residents.
    • These screenings will not only protect the residents

Providing Awareness & Involvement to the Community

    • Provide updates on the EPA’s on-going environmental testing and human health risk assessment.
    • Provide preventative health information and suggestions regarding the possible health issues and the known diseases and illnesses commonly triggered or caused by chronic exposure to the elevated heavy metal toxins of concern identified in our environment.
    •  The knowledge provided to residents, such as being able to recognize early symptoms of illnesses, could lead to early detection and diagnosis’ of many diseases and cancers – increasing the chances of survival and/or remission.

The Impacts of the Program

The participation of the community in the above programs will also result in the community coming together with scientists and research groups to study the cumulative health impacts to residents from communities around the world who have also been chronically exposed to the same heavy metal toxins.

This research partnership has the potential of saving thousands upon thousands of lives in the future generations throughout the world.


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