EPA town meeting meant to encourage community ends up causing more concern

The theme of the meeting was the exciting announcement that Teck's Remedial Investigation (RI) part of the RI/FS is coming to an end, which means the EPA's Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) would soon be completed as well. However, the information below, presented after the announcement of the RI and HHRA nearing completion, left the community feeling more concerned than excited.

EPA Public Meeting in Northport – Oct. 15

An EPA Public meeting will be held on Tuesday, Oct 15th from 6 pm to 7:30 pm at the Northport High School Cafeteria (404 10th Street). The presenters will update the community about the Upper Columbia River Remedial Investigation and Human Health Risk Assessment. The Upper Columbia River and surrounding area is currently being investigated for contamination to evaluate potential risks... Continue Reading →

Northport, WA: Researching Illness on the Upper Columbia River

by: Their Mines, Our Stories Their Mines, Our Stories began in 2005 as part of a class (Anne Fischel and Lin Nelson) taught together, called Local Knowledge, at The Evergreen State College....interested in learning about the experiences of laboring communities, and how workers and their families made sense of the complex interplay of economic, environmental and... Continue Reading →

A Call For More Research On Cancer’s Environmental Triggers

We already know how to stop many cancers before they start, scientists say. But there's a lot more work to be done. "Around half of cancers could be prevented," said Christopher Wild in the opening session of an international scientific meeting on cancer's environmental causes held in June. Wild is the former director of the World Health... Continue Reading →

US Supreme Court Declines to Hear Teck Appeal, Finalizing Colville Tribes’ Victories In Columbia River Damages Casey

The US Supreme Court today declined to hear an appeal by Teck, Inc., of the Colville Tribes’ victories in a landmark environmental enforcement case, establishing that the Canadian mining giant’s actions in dumping millions of tons of toxic waste into the Upper Columbia River...

Lake Roosevelt Forum Bus Tour

The annual LRF Bus Tour is June 19, 2019. The LRF hosts a bus tour along the Upper Columbia River, down to Lake Roosevelt for interested organizations and community members. The tour includes RI/FS updates to the lake and UCR site operations. Participants learn from presentations and have the opportunity to network with each other... Continue Reading →

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