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Northport Historical Society close to fund raising goal for The Gallo House!

Update from The Northport WA Historical Society:

The Gallo House is almost ours (“ours” being the residents of Northport)! Tuesday is the closing date and we need less than $5,000 to reach our goal and buy the Gallo House.  
Many of you have already contributed; thank you, thank you, thank you!! Some siblings and their offspring have combined their contributions to make one larger donation in their parent’s (grandparent’s) name which is a lovely idea.  

If you have not yet made a pledge, please help us out if you are able.  

Donate Now!!!!

Northport Welcome Center & Artisan Gallery

Preserving History – Creating a Future




Not just to a building we will restore – but to a renewed purpose of showcasing our rich history that will become a place of welcoming, information, local education and an economic drive for Northport.

The Northport Historical Society has the vision, the enthusiasm and the plan to carry this project through to fruition.




Click Here to read the Northport Welcome Center & Artisan Gallery Case Statement, (the informative brochure The Northport Historical Society prepared that states the detailed plans and facts regarding this project and the need for pledges/donations, and where and how your donations will be spent).




Click Here for the Donation Page (also included in the Case Statement).  Help us keep the history of Northport alive!



NP Case Study Image  

Northport Community Summit – Tues, Feb 7th 5:00 pm

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