EcliptixNet may no longer be our option Please read ASAP!

Don’t know whether you got the email on the internet service. A bunch
of us are writing letters of support and letters of hardship if the
service is discontinue. It has to be done ASAP though!
Julie Sowards posted this on FB with the email addresses of people
involved. Thought you might be interested!

The County commissioner for stevens County are Larry Guenther, Don
Dasheil and Malcom Friedman. There email address is Also the man who is in charge of the
new tower on ?Stoogs Mountain is Sounds like
it will really mess up our little community if they choose to ignore
us. The commissioners meet in Colville at the Court House 9 or 9:30 on
Tuesday and they will decide then what to do.

November 10, 2011, Network-wide outage lasting an undetermined amount
of time/days:

*** Please read completely for this does affect your Internet Connection ***

As stated in the September 29, 2011 outage, the Scoop Mtn. tower site
is being completely rebuilt by the Stevens County Information
Services. This is being accomplished through partnership funding from
Spokane County who has obtained Spokane County sales tax funding for
emergency services infrastructure. Since 2008, EcliptixNet(EBI) has
used this site as a backhaul site for its entire network and was
unfortunately notified by Stevens County Information Services that our
current collocation lease on this site will be terminated as of
November 10, 2011.

EBI has requested an extension of our lease, for the continued
allowance of our collocation at that site through the winter months
2011/12 and/or until our new infrastructure site can be constructed in
2012. However, our appeal request was disapproved. Because this site
is co-owned by Spokane County, EcliptixNet met with the Spokane County
Commissioners on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 to request leasing space
through Spokane County. However, after the Spokane County
Commissioners heard our testimony they requested a meeting with
Steven’s County Commissioners on November 8, 2011 at 9:15am to discuss

EBI would like to assure all our customers that we are performing
exhaustive investigation into all possible “other” options to get its
bandwidth up to all of EBI’s coverage areas and as of this date have
been unsuccessful. There exists only two possible methods EBI could
consider to get its bandwidth to all of its coverage areas.

i. The first method being through Century Link’s cable
access lines running from Spokane to Colville. EBI, in working through
a bandwidth carrier with full access to Century Link’s lines, as well
as the only other local broadband provider in north Stevens County, it
was discovered Century Link has no means to provide the bandwidth
required to serve EBI’s network. In fact, as stated in the foregoing
response, that other broadband provider is currently experiencing
significantly degraded service through Century Link, and has been for
months. There is only one cable line running into north Stevens County
– and in turn, only one cable line out.

ii. The second method being through an alternative wireless
route running along the east side of Stevens County. This route
required the collocation on (2) additional towers (totaling 3 as
opposed to just 1 if through Scoop), which added wireless transmission
distance, as well as significant throughput and latency degradation.
Our testing revealed this wireless route could definitely not support
EBI’s traffic requirements and the signal quality would rarely remain
solid enough to provide even a 1/3 of such bandwidth.

EcliptixNet will be attending the meeting being held next Tuesday,
November 8, at 9:15 am, at the Spokane County Commissioners’ Hearing
Room. This meeting will include the Stevens County Commissioners via
teleconference. If allowed by the Stevens County Commissioners we
encourage our subscribers to attend the meeting at the Stevens County
location in Colville. EBI understands the importance of broadband
technology to all of our customers – either for schooling, work,
communication, home based businesses, and this backhaul link through
Scoop tower site is critical. We would appreciate any letters or
emails of support expressing to the Counties the effect, hardship, or
grievance losing your broadband connection would cause for any amount
of time (if any). Those letters and emails can be sent to or mailed to PO Box 235, Medical Lake, WA
99022. To reiterate, EBI is not asking for a permanent location on
this tower, we are only requesting of either County, to remain at the
Scoop tower site until the construction of our tower is complete.

In the meantime, EBI has been and continues to extensively search and
test for alternative backhaul sites. However, due to the severe lack
of communications tower infrastructure throughout south Stevens
County, coupled with the severe lack of bandwidth available on any
other wired medium to north Stevens County, currently EBI may not be
able to offer Internet connection services upon the termination of the
Scoop tower site lease. This may last for an undetermined number of
days or weeks until a suitable alternative route is found and
established. All subscribers affected by this outage will be credited
the respective amount on their accounts until the network is
operational again.

EcliptixNet is fully open to answering any question or concerns and/or
clear up any rumors. So please don’t hesitate to call us or reply to
this email.


Jennifer Tamietti, President
EcliptixNet Broadband, Inc
PO Box 235
Medical Lake, WA 99022
Colville Area: 509-563-3272
Spokane Office: 509.279.0393
Business Hours:
Monday: 11am – 5pm

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