Stevens & Spokane County Commissioners Approve EcliptixNet Broadband Collocation Permit!

Below is an e-mail sent from Jeff and Jennifer Tamietti, the owners of EcliptixNet Broadband, to their Scoop Tower site subscribers.

Thanks to the honest & ethical behavior of EcliptixNet, the support of the small communities who would have been impacted by the loss of their broadband services, and the understanding and cooperation of the Stevens County and Spokane County Commissioners, a very rare thing happened – a swift resolution to, what could have been, a big problem!!


From: EcliptixNet Support []
Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2011 4:05 PM
To: EcliptixNet Customers
Subject: Scoop Tower Site Collocation Approved!

To all EcliptixNet Subscribers,

As many of you may already know, the Board of Spokane County Commissioners and the Stevens County Board of County Commissioners met this morning to address the issue of the termination of EcliptixNet’s collocation agreement for the Counties’ new Scoop Mountain tower site. Thanks to the overwhelming support provided by EcliptixNet’s subscribers, there were approximately 50+ people in attendance at the meeting. Thank you for taking time out of your morning to attend!

Through discussions of both Boards, as well as input from the Director of the Spokane Regional Emergency Communications Systems, the Director of Stevens County Information Services, and EcliptixNet, it was unanimously decided to allow EcliptixNet to remain collocated on the new Scoop tower site through June 2012!

As you can imagine, this came as a huge relief for Jennifer and I, and we know how much of a relief this came to all of you! There are not enough words to express our gratitude to all of you who support EcliptixNet, the services we provide, and our continued operation throughout your county! EcliptixNet wants to especially express its gratitude to the Stevens County Board of County Commissioners and the Board of Spokane County Commissioners for their support in allowing the continued operation of EcliptixNet at the Scoop Mountain tower site.


Although a full day hasn’t even passed yet, EcliptixNet has taken a wide open look back at the issues, concerns, and mistakes made through the development of this matter. We have taken account of what possibly could’ve been done differently and have learned some valuable business and personal lessons.  We will move forward with these lessons to become a better Broadband Service Provider!

In light of the collocation extension approval, EcliptixNet will be required to move all of its wireless equipment from the existing tower, to the newly constructed tower. We have already begun the coordination effort with the Director of the Spokane Regional Emergency Communications Systems, who will be managing the equipment transfer schedule of all entities involved. EcliptixNet has been assured that this move will not commence until mid-week next week at the earliest, and will be provided a coordination schedule once one is finalized. As soon as EcliptixNet knows what day(s) we will be allowed to move our equipment, we will immediately let all of you know as this will cause an outage that may last several hours.

If any of you have further questions, please give us a call or reply to this email.


Jeff and Jennifer Tamietti

EcliptixNet Broadband, Inc.


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