Traveling Lilies Hippo Christmas!

An amazing online store that sells “unique photographic artwork and earth-friendly stationery (cards, etc.) based on images taken during travels to small communities filled with wonderfully big hearts.”

To view the Traveling Lilies website go to:

Northport Washington is one of the lucky small communities Stephanie Sorensen photographed for her product line. To view the Northport photos & products go to:–dsh–Northport/Categories.bok

Below is a blurb from their website that better explains the philosophy of the company and their amazing generosity!


About Traveling Lilies Designs Inc.

“Our company philosophy, what is important to us, is that our photos and products bring enjoyment to customers & the people who receive the cards.Our wish is that they also bring attention to communities in need, and encourage people to stop and appreciate the little things that a busy life can easily cover up. A portion of sales are donated to the towns and local animal shelters photographed.”

~ Stephanie Sorensen


Traveling Lilies ~ New Holiday Card!

Traveling LiliesInside card reads: “Wishing you joy and surprise this holiday season.”


Set of 24 cards/envelopes – $39.95 ~ Individual card/envelope – $10.00

Free shipping within the U.S.

A Portions of sales from the “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas” Card Sets will be donated to:


To place an order for the “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas” individual card or card set go to: utm_source=OpenGraph&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share

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