Best Northport Washington Project Supporters!!

Northport Project Fundraiser

I am watching my niece Sophie this week so we invited the neighbor kids (Bryce, Connor and Aly) to come over and play.  I overheard Sophie telling them about what I was doing in Northport –  (from what I overheard her 8 year old version went something like this; “My Aunt is trying to save an entire town from black pieces of glass sand that a bad smelter dumped on top of them.  They are all going to die if she doesn’t.”)

Next thing I know they are setting up a Soda and Water stand in the front yard and yelling at cars passing by;  “Help save Northport or the people are going to die!!”

I quickly corrected them and explained that no one is going to die – but the Northport Project will protect them from feeling yucky and help clean up the environment for future generations.

A few minutes later I heard them yelling “Buy some soda to save Northport from being yucky!”

They made a lot more money with their first pitch…..:)

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