Northport Community Health Survey

Northport Resident Health Questionnaires

What is the Community Health Questionnaire?

With the assistance of members of the CCC and residents in the Northport community Jamie Paparich began distributing health questionnaires to current and past residents of Northport, WA in 2009. The questionnaires were distributed because of concerns about health influences from heavy metal and other toxic discharges from the Teck smelter over time.

Since 2009 she has received more than 500 completed questionnaires.  Jamie continues to receive requests for questionnaires, as well as completed questionnaires, weekly and would be happy to hear from any current or previous Northport residents who wish to contribute information or complete a questionnaire (

You can also download a questionnaire at:

Explanation of Data in Summary

The completed questionnaires I have received back to date are from past and present residents who lived in the area during the period 1925 to 2010.

I summarized the confidential information into 3 generations of residents.  I chose to do this because the results clearly followed that pattern.  The health clusters were reported in residents who were in the same age range/generation. 

In my opinion these results indicate that chronic exposure to certain toxins, through multiple routes of exposure, cause or trigger very specific health issues.  I also think the results show a strong indication that these toxins create genetic mutations that in turn cause or trigger different health issues. 

The most apparent similarity to all of the health issues reported is they are all autoimmune diseases. 

The generations are broken down as follows;

    • 1st Generation: Born or living in Northport since 1925 – Current
    • 2nd Generation: Born or living in Northport since 1942 -The majority of this generation (born in 1942-1958) lived in the area for about 18 to 20 years.
    • 3rd Generation: Born or living in Northport since 1970
    • “3B” Generation: Children born to at least one parent from the 2nd Generation; most were not born or ever lived in the area.

General population (GP) prevalence estimates for these illnesses are provided in brackets.

Northport Population (NPP): From 1925 -2010, the population has remained stable at approximately 375 people. This includes the 5-7 mile radius surrounding the town.


Thyroid/Endocrine Disorders:  

  • 116 respondents (NPP : 36%) – [GP : 6%] 
  • Generations impacted: 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 3B


  • 127 respondents (NPP : 40%) – [GP : .30%]
  • Generations impacted: 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 3B

Cancers:    (colon, stomach, prostate, uterine, lung, skin, breast, kidney, throat, and bladder)

  • 65 respondents (NPP : 20%)
  • Generations Impacted: 1st & 2nd

Ulcerative Colitis (UC)/Crohn’s Disease:

  • 54 respondents (NPP : 17% – Crohn’s:18/UC:36) – [GP : 7-11/100,000]
  • Generations impacted: 2nd & 3rd

Brain Aneurisms/Tumors:

  • 23 respondents (NPP : 7%) – [GP : %]
  • Generations impacted: 1st & 2nd

Pulmonary Embolism:

  • 8 respondents (NP : 3%) – [GP : %]
  • Generation impacted: 2nd

Parkinson’s/Multiple Scoliosis (MS):

  • 13 respondents (NPP : 4% – 7 cases Parkinson’s / 6 cases MS) – [GP: .1%/<1%]
  • Generations impacted: 1st & 2nd

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  1. Larry Norwood: Ten years ago at the age of fifty I was diagonised with Ulcertive Colitis. I know live in Yakima, WA. At the time I was diagonised, it was concidered the worst case ever seen by the doctors in this area. I lived with my family in Northport, and we built a log house on Sheep Creek in my late teens, earley twenties,which we stilI own.

    I’m currently taking 3-400 mg of Asacol per day. Also I have a Remacade infusion every 8 week at the local hospital at the cost of $ 28,000 per infustion. (7 per year)


  2. I was very excited to find this site, as I have been a resident of the Northport area ( 4 miles S.E.)since September 2001. I was officially diagnosed with IBD in 1997 where it was assumed it was a residual symptom related to an almost deadly bout with viral encephalitis I had acquired in 1990.(It was presumed I had acquired the encephalitis from a mosquito bite) I then moved to Carson City, Nevada.Another area well known for its mining economy, where I went from a healthy 158 lb horse trainer to a 104 lb weakling before the Doctors there in Nevada, finally gave me a diagnosis of IBD/Crohns disease.( I had no health insurance at the time) so It took almost 12 months and my life before they hit upon the drug, Asacol, where 8 daily doses of 8-400 mg pills finally got the disease in remission. Since moving to Northport in 2001 I have had many flares of the disease sometimes up to 4-6 times a year, which as I am sure your aware is very debilitating in more ways than one.
    I am interested in participating in the medical study and can be reached at Thank-you for all your hard work


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