Heavy Metal Toxicity: Danger to Human Health

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Poisoning from Heavy Metals is a Danger to Human Health

Mar 16, 2009

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  1. Hi Northportproject,
    Very interesting, Be it drugs, auto exhaust, pesticides, dioxins, heavy metals, chemicals, etc…… Is there anyway to know if these chemicals are being introduced into your bloodstream, wherein courtesy of circulation, are being distributed into the body’s organs, when exposure occurs? Would you pass out before any damage is done?

    I realize that there are two types of exposure… acute, and chronic. Acute is when a transient effect is generated by a singular, yet strong exposure to a substance. With chronic toxicity, you can be in the environment for years before any real symptoms manifest, because the poisoning is very slow.

    As far as acute toxicity goes, unless you develop a substantial migraine, vomit, or pass out, does this mean that something has had no effect on the body, and even if some inhalation has occurred, it’s completely negligible and the body is equipped to discard itself of the chemicals with no repurcussions? Not a single brain cell lost?
    I look forward to your next post


    1. Great comment! Our bodies are amazing at taking care of themselves. Unfortunately, that is the root of the many illnesses and diseases caused by chronic exposure, (mostly inhalation in this particular situation),to heavy metal toxins. They are all auto immune related issues. Our immune system goes after all the toxins that enter into our body, daily, weekly, yearly ……most with long half lives of a minimum of sixteen years, meaning half of the first dose you ingested won’t start to leave your body for at least sixteen years….tack on 30 to 40 more years, 365 days a year, to that and it is easy to see why eventually our immune system has exhausted the tissue, joints and organs in our bodies, causing inflammation, arthritis and cancers to name only a few. In the process the heavy metals are destroying your future children’s health by reeking havoc on cells, destroying and mutating some that alter the genetics passed along in many. If anyone reads the health results we received back, spanning three generations of past and present Northport residents, (and most of the third generation having never lived there at al),, a timeline, an example or even a missed opportunity for real fact finding research , is immediately and undeniably evident.
      Yet more of the same research on the environment just keeps getting retested, yet no one at the Dpt of Ecology can explain why Northport no longer even has one air monitor closer than 30 miles away.
      Thanks for following the blog and commenting!


  2. Oh my Gosh!The toxins Antimony and Cadmium would explain my GRANULOMA in my lungs and the toxins Copper, Mercury, Uranium, Lead, Nickel and Cadmium would explain Heidi’s deformed, non-functioning kidney, being born without a lining in her bladder as well as her Addison’s disease.


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