Trail B.C. community requests colitis/crohn’s study in wake of results of recent Harvard study of Northport residents

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Trail Seeks Updated Info On Bowel Disease Risks


Monday, November 19, 2012 – 7:46 AM

Trial has asked the Ministry of Health for updated information regarding the local risks of diseases like Crone’s and Colitis.

Mayor Dieter Bogs says a study completed in 1994 did not show a greater chance. But a September analysis by the Harvard Medical School indicated that Northport Washington residents downstream from the Teck Smelter are seeing increased incidences of 10-to-15 times the normal rate.

Council will send a letter to the Ministry of Health as a result and Bogs doesn’t expect the update to take too long because they are just updating old information and not conducting a new study.

Teck has previously said a number of human health studies show no link between the Trail operations and the diseases.

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