Information on Northport residential soil studies

Attn:  Northport Residents

There has been some confusion about the upcoming soil studies taking place in Northport.  There are TWO DIFFERENT STUDIES taking place.  One is the UPLAND SOIL STUDY, being conducted by Teck as part of the Remedial Investigation/Feasibility study.  If your property is to be sampled as part of this study, a letter was sent on May 13th that included an acknowledgement signature line to be returned to Teck in a self-addressed envelope.

The second study is the RESIDENTIAL SOIL STUDY.  EPA is conducting this study with their contractors to assess potential risk of residential soil.  If your property falls into the study area (which will be expanded if it is discovered that there are additional areas that need to be assessed), you should have been contacted by the EPA to set up a meeting to determine which areas of your property should be sampled.  The actual sampling is planned for this summer.  If you need more information about this study or you wish to be included, contact Kay Morrison (, 206-553-8321, or toll free at 1-800-424-4372.

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