Teck Lawsuit

If you, a family member or friend, (living or deceased), does, or ever did, live in Northport, Washington and suffers or suffered from health issues ranging from; ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, many types of cancers, brain tumors/aneurisms, MS, Parkinson’s, inner ear issues, migraines, etc., and you have not yet been contacted about a class action lawsuit being filed on behalf of past and present Northport residents against Teck Resources Smelter, please email northportproject@hotmail.com for more information.

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  1. HI Jamie

    I had mentioned before that my grandfather was a pioneer with his family in Northport from 1885-1907. Mitchell Mountain, Mitchell Road and Mitchell flat are named after them. I believe Mitchell point is as well. As he was growing up there, he suffered from extreme migraine headaches. He used to wrap a bandana around his head to help ease the pain. Those headaches followed him to Canada when his father moved the family to Mitchellton Saskatchewan. I don’t know that those headaches had anything to do with Cominco Teck but I do know they started in his teens and lasted until he moved in later years to a trap line in Northern Sask. Just a memory from his stories I thought you might be interested in. He also mentioned Mitchell Mountain had beautiful old growth forest throughout. When he went back for a visit several years later the land had been poisoned by Cominco and the old growth forest had perished. It broke his heart to see the change in his beautiful childhood home. I might also comment on the fact that Cominco Teck has poisoned the river near my home here in Nelson BC. We can not go to the area where they dumped mine tailing because of the high content of lead, arsenic and other dangerous deposits in the sand and clay. There are many spots here in this area that have been ruined due to the same practice. And we have a very high rate of cancer in this area as well. I do wish you all the best of luck in your pursuit for compensation for your families.

    Blessings..Josie Ahearn


  2. Wow, I come to northport the first time in 1984 and have lived in the northport now 15 years with my 6 kids. This is the first time I have heard anything about this. I would like to know more about it.
    Thank you
    Kathy Galvin


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