Electronic Petition for Air Monitoring in Northport, WA – Please sign!!

ATTN: If you are a past or present Northport WA resident, or a resident of a community nearby, or if you simply care about the community of Northport PLEASE read the petition below. If you agree and would like to sign the petition; 

  1. Copy & paste this sentence: “This is my signature for the 2017 Northport WA Air Monitor Petition” – **along with your name, address, phone# and/or email** into the comment section below. 
  2. Hit enter- that’s it! 

It’s that simple! If you don’t want to put your personal information (address, etc.) in comment section, you can email the sentence along with your personal information instead to: northportproject@hotmail.com

Please forward this on to anyone who might be interested in signing.

I believe the EPA and the Washington State Department of ecology should plan and institute a comprehensive air monitoring program from Northport to the Canadian border. The program should be developed with community input, include a minimum of three monitoring stations, and continue with no predetermined termination date. 
Questions?  Email me (Jamie Paparich) directly at: northportproject@hotmail.com

25 thoughts on “Electronic Petition for Air Monitoring in Northport, WA – Please sign!!

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    1. My address: 1701 W 7th St. Apt. 4, Newport, WA 99156
      I was born and raised in Northport, as were all 7 of my siblings. Wonderful place to grow up, but has caused health problems that are very hard to live with. It needs to be cleaned up so no others will suffer. Thank you for all of your effort.


  1. This is my signature for the 2017 Northport WA Air Monitor Petition. My grandparents live there and they need clean air!!!


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